Concepts of Programming Languages  COMP3161


FromFacebook   May 24, 2016, 10:41 p.m.

From Dan's Comp electives

- Dry, do COMP3161 instead
- Quite interesting if you are into compiler, it let you build one throughout the course    - I've been finding it fun. lecture notes cover things you need for the assignments well enough 

- Fair bit of math, Haskell programming. Do 3141 instead. Much more fun.
-This was fun, good if you're into theoretical things
- Assignments were pretty fun, disagree with suggestion to do 3141 instead- this is much more fundamental and goes in a totally different direction to 3141.
- I did this course, I don't remember why I did this course, and looking back at it now, I shouldn't have done this course. I'm not saying it's a bad course, but, if you are not excited by the content of the course by the census date, I would say drop, there are other things to learn about.
- ^^ agree

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