Computing 1  COMP1917


Lyceé   Aug. 11, 2020, 2:04 p.m.

I'm surprised there's no comments on this one lol?  But from what I heard the course code is no longer used.

I did 1917 back in 2015, after finishing ENG1811 which was mandatory for non-CSE enggos, and we used the open learning platform.

It was entry-level data structure and basic C syntax. We got to do a few interesting projects, including writing our own Catan "player" and a Catan competition between all groups. 

I struggled a lot as someone who's literally had NO idea about programming but I enjoyed it a lot. So despite the fact that it dragged my WAM into deep shit while everyone else calling it a "WAM booster", I ended up taking 1927 in the following semester.  Loved it.

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