Programming for Designers  COMP1400


Anonymous   Aug. 7, 2019, 10:07 a.m.

To be clear if you expected any drawing amd sketching then you are in the wrong course. Don't fool by their name. The contents in  1400 are all about utilisation Blue J (which is beginner's Java). This can be really good practices and learning for Java and also help students to build up some basic amd fundamental knowledge in OO design. Yoi can think as this course is the preview for COMP 1531 and 2511.There are no labs for assessment, all is for learning purpose. I took it in 18s2, so no sure the lecturer still sucked or not. She is poor in English and even coding sometimes. Most of the times in lecture, she was like a, a, a.. and asking us to help her to find the bug. That time I am just first contact with coding and taking this and 1511 in the same time so I apply most the idea from 1511 on here and reading the lecture's note to understand the new knowledges. Most importantly this course can only be your credit for free elective so wouldn't be counted as a comp sci course since this is designed for the non-cse student. In a nutshell, if you are wondering how Java or OO design be like this can be a good choice to preview it and the exam and assignment are one of the easiest I had ever so far so what a mark booster. I got HD btw. 

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